Our History

Second Stroke Mopeds opened it's doors in March of 2011. After relocating from garage to garage, the Mission23 moped club's captain, Peter D'Addeo, decided it was time to settle down and find a more permanent space for him and his friends to store and work on their own mopeds. This new, vast, and public space would eventually allow him to offer his services to the greater moped public as well. When Ari Sneider, a newer member of Mission23, saw the space Pete had leased out he was instantly taken back to his high school days working at a bicycle shop in Boston. He asked Pete if he would be interested in partnering up and allowing him to take the reigns of the retail aspect, while Pete could grace the world with his repair wizardry by heading the service department. The two shook hands, signed some papers, decided to call it Second Stroke, and the business was born!

Fast forward to present day, Second Stroke Mopeds has established itself as New York's premier moped emporium. Moped enthusiasts from around the world come to visit and get a taste of what riding and restoring these funny two-wheeled relics from the 70's is all about in the Big Apple, and to meet the guys who helped to revive their little-known-about hobby into the public's eye.

With as strong of a focus on community and self-reliance as their repairs and proprietorship, Second Stroke encourages it's patrons to become self-reliant moped owners so that the knowledge of mopeds will expand exponentially, resulting in generations of individuals who love and cherish their mopeds as much as they do.

Email: mopedproblems@gmail.com

Phone: 347-405-5255

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