Service & Repair

We realize that you'd much rather be on the road than in the shop. Thankfully we got into this business because we love the challenge, and we're always here to help.

Labor Rates

Engine Rebuilds

Repair Policies

The prices above are for labor only and do not include parts unless otherwise noted.

A $85 (one hour) deposit is due upon drop-off for repair. That deposit covers the first hour of labor, which is generally used for the mechanic to diagnose any problems and make basic repairs depending on it's diagnosis. Any additional labor is approved via phone call prior to the work being done. If we cannot get in contact with you in order for you to approve any additional parts or labor, service will not continue.

All repairs are on a first-come/first-serve basis, unless rush service is chosen. All flat tire repairs are automatically rushed, and priced accordingly. Please don't call us to ask when your bike will be worked on. We work on every bike as if it is our own, and all moped repairs vary by time it takes in order to complete it's repair. 

After your bike is finished being repaired we allow one week for pickup. Every day after the first week is subject to a $5/day storage fee.