TOMOS Postie - APN6

TOMOS Postie - APN6


One of the 1st rare TOMOS bikes we imported. This one is kitted with an A35 style 70cc Alukit. Custom intake made by MLM to perfectly fit the PHVA carburetor. The stock pipe is the only thing that holds this back, please buy this and complete my dream.

This bike has been highlighted in the videos many times, but specifically this one… when I install the kit:

  • APN6 motor = 4 speed manual

  • front disk brake

  • leg sheilds

  • rear foot brake

  • brand new German made wheels WIDE

  • 70cc kit

  • custom MLM intake matches A35 kit to PHVA carb perfectly

  • cargo bags! re-enforced steel rack. Designed to carry a hundred pounds!

  • upgraded front sprocket for speed.

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