MOTO - kick scoot

MOTO - kick scoot


Our own brand! Our electric “kick scoot” is great for getting around fast. Designed to fold for easy storage or lugging around. Check out all the modern upgrades:

  • Easily removed Lithium Ion battery for fast charging (can also be charged within the scooter)

  • 8.5” air tires can handle bumps and cracks in the road. Air tires give you a soft ride.

  • LED Head light and tail light are integrated for safe visibility.

  • 36V and 350watts of power on the motor.

  • 12 mile range on a single charge

  • Quick release folding device lets you fold and carry in 3 seconds.

  • 18 mph top speed. Has 3 speed modes (learner, drive and SPORT)

  • Disk brake with lever control. Additional rear stomp brake is included.

  • Regenerative braking in front wheel, triggered when brake lever is engaged.

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