Q - A moped? Oh, I love mopeds! My girlfriend and I rode one of those when we were in Barbados...

A - It sounds like you and the misses were actually enjoying a scooter, and not a moped at all. a moped is similar to a scooter, but they look less like you're sitting on a toilet when you ride one, and they have pedals. That's the important part.

Mopeds run on a gas and oil mixture and are extremely efficient, like 100MPG efficient. They were the most popular here in the United States around the 1970's and the early 80's due to the gas crisis but when that ended they mostly faded out of sight from the public. Today there are a handful of companies still producing true mopeds, but not nearly as many as there used to be. 


Q - Why don't you sell electric bikes? Do you...like...hate nature?

A - Of course not! We love nature! Our bikes get 100MPH on average, while these electric bikes use giant batteries filled with toxic chemicals like sulfur, which can explode when overcharged. But back to your original question, the reason that we don’t sell electric bikes is because the majority of them are either really poorly made, or are significantly more expensive than the mopeds we sell. Also, most electric bikes that you see on the road aren't able to be registered so they're technically not legal to ride around on public roads in New York. On top of all of that, they're generally just plain heinous looking (there are a few exceptions) and lack any of the traditional design characteristics that we're partial towards. Since we don't enjoy compromising when it comes to what we sell, we decided to stick with what we know and love. A true gas-powered moped. 


Q - How fast do the mopeds go?

A - They top out at around 30MPH. They can be modified to go faster but doing so will change the “class” of the vehicle. 


Q - 30MPH? That sounds slow! Can I go across the bridges on this?

A - 30MPH is the speed limit in New York City on non-highway roads. In some places it's 35, but it's mostly 30. Even though cars rarely go under the speed limit you're still able to move smoothly amongst the stop and go, and have the ability to open up on places like the bridges and when you get a bunch of green lights in a row.


Q - Do I need a license to drive one?

A - All of the mopeds we sell require, minimally, a normal car drivers license. Just so we're clear, mopeds DO need to be registered with the DMV, and the new ones (post 1986) must also be insured. The DMV will give you a license plate, which you need in order to legally operate the moped.


Q - Do I need a motorcycle license to drive a moped?

A - Nope. You don’t need a special license or motorcycle license to operate a moped. That's one of the best parts! All you need is a regular car driver’s license from any state.


Q - I really need plates? Shucks. How do I get one?

A - Don't vex. It's super easy, it just takes one trip to the DMV. We know, we know. It sucks having to go to the DMV, but you only have to do it this one time. The type of registration that is needed depends on the class of the moped you own. Check out the NY DMV's website to learn about the different classes and the requirements needed to register each class. Most older bikes are classified as "Class C", and the new Tomos' we sell are all "Class B". This site is also helpful, and lists the specific forms you need to take to the DMV with you.


Q - How much do they cost?

A - Our new mopeds start at $1,700 and come with a 6-month warranty. Used mopeds start around $1,100 and go up in price depending on the model and it’s features.

Q - Do you rent mopeds? 

A - We only offer moped and accessory rentals to prop stylists and the like for professional photo and video shoots. If that is you, and you're interested in seeing our current list of available bikes for rent please send an email to: mopedproblems@gmail.com and include a brief description of the project you're working on and what you are looking for.


Q - What's a "project" bike?

A - Sometimes we sell mopeds on the cheap that need an extra little bit of TLC in order to get running. If you're looking to get deal on a bike that you will have to work on yourself and invest some time and possibly even some money into in order to get them to the level of reliability as our new or used bikes, then a project is bike is probably right for you. Some people enjoy doing that (including us!) so it's a great way to break into the moped world if you're into getting your hands dirty and learning a bit about small engines.


Q - Do you offer repair classes?

A - We sure do!


Q - I see people selling bikes really cheap on Craigslist. Should I just buy one of those?

A - Sure! If you think it's a good deal then go on and pick it up, but don't be surprised to spend a bit to get it back into shape. Just a fair warning often these bikes will often require as much, or even more money in repairs and parts in order to get them running at the same level as our new ones.

Q - Are you hiring? 

A - If you have experience either working on or around mopeds we'd love to hear from you. Send an email with your resume to: mopedproblems@gmail.com