Welcome to Second Stroke's Maintenance Workshop.  Our four-class course covers all of the necessary skills and tricks to keep your moped on the road.  Classes meet once a week from 7pm-9pm.  Classes are designed with no prerequisite of each other, so you can pick and choose which classes interest you.

All classes are $60 per person, per class. Tuition will be collected at the start of each session.

Classes are hands-on so please wear clothing that you don't mind getting dirty

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Week 1 -

Tires, Tubes, Wheels and Brakes

Learn to conquer the inevitable…the dreaded flat tire.  This hands-on class will reveal the secrets to replacing or patching that flat with even the most stubborn moped tires.  Yes, even the dreaded Michelin Gazelles!

We will also look at adjusting loose bearing axles.  How brakes work and how to clean them up or replace them.

Week 2 -

My moped won't start!  Get it running 101

Covering the three necessary elements your 2 stroke motor needs to run.  Spark, Fuel/Air, Compression.  How to check if these basics are functioning properly and what you can do to bring them back.

Class will be broken up into groups to diagnose and repair mopeds, with supervision.

Week 3 -

Concentration in Carburetors.  Concepts in Tuning.

This theory class will go in depth on different parts of the carburetor and what can be adjusted or modified in order to optimize performance.  How to read spark plugs and how "plug chops" and spark plug color can help you "jet" properly.

Week 4 -

Spark, Wiring and Lights

Learn about ignition systems and the components of a stator plate.  Common condenser issues and how it effects your spark.  Adjust and grease your points like a pro.  Use the multi-meter to check for resistance, continuity and capacitance.  

Chase down the usual suspects with faulty lights.  The voltage regulator and how it prevents bulbs from blowing out.